East African Highland Bananas – a staple food crop of the poor in Sub-Saharan Africa

This blog site highlights news, research and information regarding East African Highland Bananas, a staple crop of the poor in the Great Lakes region of Africa. The site is maintained by PhD student Mercy Kitavi who is funded by Irish Aid and IITA to conduct food security relevant research on East African Highland bananas.

Mercy is a PhD student in the research groups of Prof Charles Spillane (Plant and AgriBiosciences Research Centre, National Uni of Ireland Galway) and Dr. Jim Lorenzen (IITA EAHB Banana Breeding Program, Tanzania).

If you would like to contact the editors of this site, please use the following e-mails:

m.kitavi [at ] cgiar.org

charles.spillane [at ] nuigalway.ie

Date: Wednesday, 25. May 2011 14:29
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